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My Story

Welcome to Vital Breathing.  I am a Pause Certified Trauma-informed Breathwork Coach, as well as a Certified Quantum Health Coach.  Through my own journey, I discovered the power of breathwork in improving both physical and mental health.  I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others, teaching them to regulate their nervous systems, improving their overall well-being.  

Tailored to your unique needs, I offer one-on-one coaching, group sessions and weekend retreats.  Along with guiding you through transformative breath sessions, I offer many tools to incorporate into your daily life, releasing anxiety and stress, building your muscles of resilience and vitality.

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Benefits of Breathwork

Trauma-informed breathwork seeks to empower individuals in their healing process, promoting resilience and self-regulation while respecting their unique histories and needs. It can be a valuable tool in the recovery and healing of trauma survivors, as well as those whose lives are riddled with stress and overwhelm.  As we allow trapped negative emotions to release from our body, our brain and nervous system can relax, releasing the mental/emotional loop of stress and anxiety that many find themselves in on a daily basis. ​ Overall benefits of regular breathwork practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Stress Reduction 

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Mood and Emotion Regulation 

  • Improved Focus & Mental Clarity 

  • Better Sleep 

  • Enhanced Energy Levels 

  • Improved Immune System

  • Pain Management

  • Enhanced Respiratory Function

  • Increased Self Awareness

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