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Corporate Retreats

Prevent Burnout & Boost Productivity

Corporate wellness retreats provide a peaceful and rejuvenating environment, allowing team members to unwind, relax and disconnect from their usual work and home-related stressors.

In collaboration with Mendocino Retreats, we will build your team a custom retreat focused on stress reduction, team building, improved health and well-being, enhanced creativity, and fostering healthy work-life balance.

We bring together a team of expert practitioners to spend 2-7 days focused on wellness of mind, body, and spirit.  Teaching your team useful tools they can take with them to incorporate into their daily work and home lives, they will feel more satisfaction with their jobs, be less prone to burnout, and feel empowered to take their mental and emotional well-being into  their own hands.

With diverse venues to choose from, custom healthy meal plans, and packages that can include breathwork, yoga, meditation, nutrition, sound healing, reiki, dance and art therapy, and much more, we can build a haven for your team to relax, unwind, and rebuild their inner sanctum.

Wellness retreats can be a valuable investment in your company’s most important asset - its employees.

How can breathwork help? Overall benefits of regular breathwork practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Stress Reduction 

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Mood and Emotion Regulation 

  • Improved Focus & Mental Clarity 

  • Better Sleep 

  • Enhanced Energy Levels 

  • Improved Immune System

  • Pain Management

  • Enhanced Respiratory Function

  • Increased Self Awareness

The Science Behind Breathwork

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